At Wampei we believe that eCommerce technologies should be available to anyone doing business. We help our merchants accept Bitcoin payments online or at the point of sale, with or without the use of a bank or third party.

Our software, Wampei Register© allows our merchants to:

  • Accept cryptocurrency directly – with or without a bank;
  • Take payments in-store, on-line or via invoice;
  • Get access to funds within hours of acceptance;
  • Save money due to lower fees than banks and credit card merchants;
  • Eliminate charge-backs and returned payments;
  • Reduce labor handling cash;
  • Avoid the expenses associated with managing, securing and transporting cash.

With Wampei your money is always in your complete control.

Watch Wampei Register© Demos:

In-store payments: http://wampei.com/point-of-sale-demo-w-coffee-shop/

Online Payments: http://wampei.com/wordpress-woocommerce-plugin-demo/

Our site http://wampei.com has more details.

Short Summary

Wampei Register© allows any company, anywhere accept Bitcoin payments

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