Apologies to the Public. I’m Sorry for…

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Let me start off by saying, I’m sorry… What I’m apologizing for? I’m acknowledging my part in excluding people in the general public from getting into the Crypto Space by adding a new barrier.

How did I do that? Until recently, I honestly didn’t realize that I was doing this to begin with. I know most of you don’t get what I’m even going on about. So, let’s start from the beginning; we’ve all heard about the barriers to entry into the Space at some point or another (I’m talking about at the individual, not business level). They’ve been said to us or we’ve said them to someone else time and time again:

Economic barrier

Educational barrier

Technology barrier

Age barrier (it’s a millennial’s game)

Its’ something for techie folks (aka nerds and geeks)

“I’m not smart enough to understand it”

“It’s too techie…”


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Now, I’m not by any means saying there are no barriers to entry allowing access into the Space. What I’m saying is, I think we have spent too much time focusing on those barriers and repeating it to the general public. Instead of talking about just the problem, we (myself included) could/should’ve also included solutions on how to overcome those problems.

If we are arguing for Mass Adoption? How do we achieve that if all we keep doing is telling people about what stops them from getting into the Space and using it in their day to day lives?

Like I said, I didn’t get what was happening until recently (based on a number of conversations). Comparing notes on various conversations, with people in and out side of the Crypto Space. I noticed those out side the Space talked about cryptos like it was rocket science and it was beyond them. Those in the space still had questions about the everyday applications. Even when I gave examples of working models that I personally used. There was and is what I’m calling a “mental barrier”. I believe this is impart our own doing, sad to say.

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Another reason for this mental barrier, I believe is the popular narrative being pushed by mainstream media, which is not what cryptos was originally about (we all get who controls the media, I hope). The ideals of economic sovereignty and inclusion is even being pushed to the side by some who claim to be crypto/blockchain enthusiasts (aka thought leaders and content creators). Look for yourself and compare the content being put out in the space now compared to just 3 years ago. The means for people to get into cryptos is drastically changed from where it was in 2009 or 2010. It is easier for the “lil man” to get in but the attention of the media is being focused on the accredited investor level folks (whose agenda is this, really?). Granted, I still believe we are at a convenience level of about a 3. Nonetheless, it is still an improvement and it will continue to be streamlined going forward.

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I still tell people you don’t have to use Coinbase to on-ramp into cryptos. I brought this up to a friend and they countered with “well people don’t know about those other products and services…”

In my head, I thought “well that’s what I’m here for. To make people aware of those products and services.”

But out loud, I said “BS, now with most people having a smartphone and you can google it or YT it, even Medium has and article on damn near everything.”

They counter again, “well not everyone has access to the internet…”

Again, I said “BS… There’re these things called libraries and its free to use the internet there. So is Barns & Nobles and McDonalds for that matter with your laptop or smartphone. Not to mention Meetups are free and you can meet people who know more and have a working knowledge of the Space, which gives you a direct source of information.” (this is mainly applicable to 1st tier countries like the US. But smartphones are growing in use globally.)

Enough of my soap box rant. I wrote this piece to apologize to the public for the unintended harm caused (NO 1 was actually physically harmed) in helping to perpetuate a mental barrier to people accessing the Crypto Space. I promise to do better as an educator (side note, my job title Crypto Resource Officer, seemingly just gained a new level of meaning to me while writing this). Also, I would like to say to the other folks out there who what to help educate people getting into the Space. Keep this in mind, help comes from providing people with solutions that aid in them accomplishing their goal, not just telling them what stops them from attaining it. Find solutions to the barriers to entry.

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