Blockchain in the Era of Pandemic

Global Blockchain based system can play a huge role in an active pandemic as well as in a passive (after normalization) epidemic. It could acts as a single source of truth of information sharing, tracking, tracing of data, such as test cases, symptoms, possible treatments, case numbers, case complexity, demographics, age-graphics etc. It can act as a solution and system for donation, grants, insurance claims and government payments. Further can allow faster insurance claim processing, supply chain tracking, alerting AI based systems for solutions, simulations etc. A Blockchain based solution will keep the world ready for the next war. This blog starts with a story that illustrates the pain points of centralized system, without going into the technical details. It lay the foundation for ‘why a decentralized Blockchain based system’ is required to handle and further check pandemics. Read it here.

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Read it here.


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