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Licensing and Permitting Workgroup

A core mandate of public sector agencies is the protection of the public through effective management of complex licensing and permitting portfolios.  Effective regulation of everything from wastewater treatment and nuclear facilities, to educator and physician licensing, restaurant and construction permits, and so much more not only serves to ensure the public is protected from unscrupulous actors and unsafe practices but also serves to enhance the integrity and reputation of licensed professionals and commercial entities around the world. Regulatory agencies are constantly seeking new ways to enhance and simplify enforcement, engage the public, drive compliance, and balance digitization with data security.

Blockchain technology, applications including verifiable credentials and supply chain solutions, are new tools that allow regulatory bodies to enhance public safety and create more resilient processes.

The Government Blockchain Association’s Licensing and Permitting Workgroup serves to identify challenges, pose solutions, link to resources and develop best practices to inform the regulatory ecosystem about the value of distributed ledger technologies.  The Licensing and Permitting Workgroup creates a community among innovators from national, state, provincial and municipal regulatory entities and the private sector organizations that support them. It educates and engages stakeholders across the regulatory sector creating new forward-looking approaches to licensing and permitting across verticals in the public interest.

Mary Strain

Hyland Credentials



Mary Strain leads US higher education and public sector adoption of Hyland Credentials, the global leader in blockchain anchored, digital credential issuing systems built on the Blockcerts open standard.


Prior to joining Hyland, Mary led large scale digital credentialing initiatives in New York City and in several US states.  As an advisor to technology firms, large urban school systems and state licensing agencies Mary has been positioned on the leading edge of technology and brought innovative approaches to public serving institutions for over a decade.


Mary served as an advisor to The University of Pennsylvania’s Education Design Studio, The Coalition of Schools Educating Boys of Color and The School Improvement Partnership and was a middle school teacher in NYC.


Mary completed a BA in History from Fordham University and an MPA in Public Policy from The City University of New York.