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For Small to Medium-Sized Enterprises who provide community safety data to their customers. The Intelli app is a community safety mapping tool that collects safety reports around local businesses to generate sustainable safety reporting used to generate actionable spatial analysis, understand community safety patterns.  Unlike other safety reporting apps that siloh information and safety data, minimize collaboration, and do not incentivize reporting, our product provides the alignment of incentives to unlock reporting at the local community level.

The problem we are addressing is the fragmented safety data available to the public to inform citizens to drive community prevention strategies. Organized Retail Crime (ORC) and community safety approximately $230 billion each year in losses. 30% of businesses surveyed said they were allocating new resources to technology, while only 17.3% said they were hiring additional staff dedicated to combatting retail safety (Source: NRF Survey) Currently, the data is reported to public safety authorities and does not reach the community level fast enough to react preventatively or make proactive changes. In order to produce a sustainable stream of data reporting, interest must align between Public, groups Private enterprises, and Consumers/Citizens. We provide a public safety solution that can sustain reporting which can drive change.

Our Target Market is Small to Medium-sized enterprises (SME) with a Marketing & Security budget. These groups spend thousands per year on marketing, security costs, and trying to make a community impact. By combining the costs for these 3 expenses, we are effectively able to reduce the costs with crossover benefits with our product. Our product is able to deliver real community value directly to their customers which will help them increase their bottom line and brand value. Safer community = more economic activity.