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Email address: social@javvy.com

What is your name? Brandon Elliott

What is the name of your project?
Javvy Crypto Solution

What is the name of your token(s)?

Link to website

Our Core Team:

Links to white paper, pitch deck, download, etc
Pitch Deck (3-min read): https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/javvy-pitch-deck.pdf
Marketing White Paper (12-min read): https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/09/javvy_crypto-solution-white-paper.pdf
Technical White Paper (12-min read): https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2018/09/javvy_crypto-solution-white-paper_v1.1.pdf
Business Plan (25-min read): https://javvy.com/wp-content/uploads/2017/08/javvy_prospectus.pdf
Wallet Download (MVP): https://javvy.com/updates
Explainer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iUX9vWdJTJc
Interview teaser w/ Kathy Ireland (4-min version): https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=uDtclA_BF-g

Links to github, linkedin, twitter, or other
Telegram Group Messaging: https://t.me/javvychat
Announcements: https://t.me/javvycrypto
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In less than 100 characters, describe your project
Comprehensive crypto solution to replace exchanges & wallets with a single, secure Javvy wallet

In one or two sentences, tell us about the system and its economic model
Javvy is a secure, comprehensive crypto wallet with built-in decentralized crypto exchange aggregator solution (not web-based) that will support all expected operations for ALL major cryptocurrencies and tokens. Javvy will earn revenue from the tried-and-true method of fees on buy/sell transactions, conversion fees, KYC/AML/Accreditation verification services, international debit card fees, and merchant settlement fees. The Javvy app is currently available on Windows and mobile (iOS and Android), with Linux and Mac planned shortly after funding.

What problem are you solving?
The lack of a consolidated and intuitive crypto solution simple enough for mass adoption.

Who are your competitors? Who might become competitors?
Binance, Coinbase, Blockchain.info. Others have even weaker offerings but there are many smaller competitors.

Longer answer:
Coinbase/Gemini/Kraken: Not a direct competitor, because they are centralized, which is against the nature of cryptocurrency and against the desires of Crypto enthusiasts. Also, these web-based exchanges are more susceptible to widespread theft of funds, whereas Javvy believes the future of Crypto is app-based.

Binance: Processes quite a bit of existing transaction volume but offers no FIAT bridge. Therefore, customers must still use ANOTHER exchange to buy and sell. This is NOT the future. Also, this is another centralized exchange, which is against the nature and desires of the Crypto community.

Exodus/Jaxx/Edioo/Edge: Existing wallets are extremely limited and not considered true competitors. None of the existing wallets have a FIAT bridge (requiring users to still use ANOTHER exchange), and they have no built-in ID verification or ICO/STO/ITO support (making them useless as an all-in-one solution).

What are the main challenges your project will face in the next 1-3 years?
Educating mainstream that the wallet should be the first and last foray into crypto. Users should not worry about finding or trusting unproven crypto exchanges, which are mostly web-based and insecure. They should simply be able to install the Javvy application and immediately begin buying, selling, managing, and using all major cryptocurrencies within a single, safe, and secure application.

Tell us what you know about your target users.
The early adopters will be crypto-savvy users, likely already using competing exchanges and wallets. Eventually, we will expand into mainstream markets, due to the ease-of-use of our solution that other exchanges and wallets have failed to provide –despite hundreds of millions invested and many years to do so.

What’s new about what you’re doing?
Not web-based (more secure). Everything required for most crypto uses within a single, secure application. Support all cryptos/tokens. Consolidating crypto exchanges and wallets so that users don’t need to search for both and learn about how everything works (it should just work). Users should be able to simply install an app on any device or desktop and begin using crypto. This is Javvy.

What is the purpose of the token?
The Javvy token will give token holders the option to use JVY tokens to pay buy/sell/convert fees for a 50% discount. Additionally, tokens may be “staked” to provide liquidity to the network and earn more tokens in return.

Could it be done with Ethereum or Bitcoin? Why or Why not? What’s useful about a separate token?
No. A solution such as Javvy’s requires significant investment into application development, regulatory and compliance research, etc.

What stage of development are you in? (research, development, launched, etc.)
MVP released on July 4th, 2018, with numerous improvements and features added since then. We currently provide apps for Windows, iOS, and Android. Mac and Lunix versions will be added shortly after funding.

What traction does your project have?
Despite putting 99% of our funds into product development and legal research, our initial small marketing push went viral, with a huge outpouring of positive sentiment across the crypto community. After Javvy went viral, our Telegram community grew from 190 to over 38,000 in less than a week (15,000 in under 24 hours!). Those who joined have tentatively pledged ~$5MM USD of our $8MM USD max cap already. During the “private sale” phase, we have already surpassed our soft cap and are in negotiations now with ICO pools. Our CEO, Brandon Elliott, has spoken at numerous pitch events and conferences (invited and upgraded for free; not paid sponsorship). In addition to going viral, Javvy has been featured on national radio and is scheduled to air on Fox Business Worldwide with Kathy Ireland on Nov 4, 10, and 11… with a longer feature segment airing late November. Javvy will be the first crypto venture to receive mainstream media attention, especially on worldwide Television (North America, Latin America, Europe, and Asia) to over 400 million household viewers.

Are you pre-launch or post-launch?

Are you building on top of Ethereum or a related EVM network?

If on Ethereum, is it an ERC-20 token?
ERC-20 (for now)

Tell us about you. Who are you? What are your backgrounds?
I am a security and regulatory expert. Roughly a decade of my career was spent consulting to small and large corporations (AT&T, Cingular, Bellsouth, Lanier Worldwide, etc), banks, Banker’s Banks, and even the Federal Reserve, on matters of security, network infrastructure, and regulatory compliance. I attained CISSP (security), CCNA (networking), MCSE+I (servers w/ Internet focus), MCT (trainer), A+, and other certifications.

My core team and advisory panel also contains other security and regulatory experts.

How many people are working on your project? What do they do?
~30. Leadership, Technical (coders, designers, UI/UX), Advisors, Community Managers, Marketers, Admin

Tell us about any organizations or legal entities involved. List any companies, foundations, and other organizations, and what their purpose is. Please make sure to note which legal jurisdiction each organization is in.
Javvy Technologies Ltd., a Cayman Islands Exempt Corp
Javvy Trading Company, a Georgia, USA C-corporation

Do you have legal counsel? If so, what are the firms? (name and links please)
McGrath Tonner Corporate Services; http://mcgrathtonner.com/
Briskin, Cross, & Sanford, LLC; http://www.briskinlaw.com/
Horten CC; http://www.hortencc.com/

Have you raised funding before? How much, and what type? (VC, Token Sale, etc.) What valuation?
Seed. $761,000 raised @ $25M valuation.

When do you want to run your sale?
pre-ICO launch: 11.01.2018 @ 00:00:00 UTC (Firm)
pre-ICO end: 11.30.2018 @ 23:59:59 UTC (Firm)

ICO launch: 12.01.2018 @ 00:00:00 UTC (Firm)
ICO end: 02.28.2019 @ 23:59:59 UTC (Firm*)
*Or until ETH cap is reached.

Do you have any special sale mechanics in mind?
There is a 1,000 ETH soft cap and an $8MM USD hard cap.
Automatic 25% bonus during the pre-ICO phase.

What will be the token distribution?

  • 30% offered for sale
  • 45% for loyalty rewards (trans-mining)
  • 5% for founding partners (vests in 2 years with 6-month cliff)
  • 10% for operational use to process buy & sell orders in the Javvy wallet
  • 5% for attracting and retaining top talent, post launch
  • 5% for key people, advisors, and influencers

ICO Terms: Maximum CAP: $8MM USD

JVY price per Ether: 0.0004 ETH / token (2,500 JVY / ETH)

Emission rate: No new coins will ever be created

Accepted currencies: ETH (automatic) w/ FIAT and altcoin sales handled manually