Kim Goulde: ‘I realised how globally impactful Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies can be’

An ex-management consultant for large enterprises, Kim Goulde tells Coin Rivet her story from once shrugging off Bitcoin to becoming a full-time HODLer.

Mum of two and ex-management consultant Kim Goulde recently sat down with Coin Rivet to discuss her journey from once shrugging off Bitcoin to becoming a full-time HODLer.

Kim told Coin Rivet how she first learned about Bitcoin and cryptocurrencies from one of her family friends (who’s a plumber) after he asked her to pay him in Bitcoin in 2012 as “he wouldn’t accept cash for a favour”.

Seven years ago, she noted how there was “literally not much information about Bitcoin aside from occasional news about the currency being abused by underground criminals. My husband and I were sceptical, so we shrugged it off then.”

Fast-forward four years later, and on a trip to Indonesia in 2016 to do some charity work, Kim was reintroduced to Bitcoin when one of the women in the village mentioned how her daughter (who was a domestic helper in Singapore) had been sending them money using cryptocurrency because it provided a better foreign exchange rate.

Read the full story here to find out how her crypto journey carried on since Singapore.

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