Andrew Gillick






Economic Analysis Working Group Team Lead


Auckland, New Zealand


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Summary of Experience

I came to the blockchain industry through my background in the Forex markets, both as an FX reporter and retail trader. In my last role, I built a global fintech research and consultancy arm BNC Research for a data analytics company. I’ve collaborated and worked with companies and consultants across the globe to ideate business strategies and write research papers, from asset digitization, supply chain management, investment analysis among other areas. My core competencies are: • Strong business/startup development skills • Strong knowledge of macroeconomics • Understanding of complex systems/dynamics • Deep knowledge of distributed ledger/blockchain technology • Experience working with AWS, MongoDB, Ubuntu, Digital Ocean • Wrangling and cleaning data for reporting • Using API calls for data retrieval • Postman, Python and Anaconda skills • Technical/whitepaper writing • Ability to collate multiple complex concepts • Industry thought leadership

Professional Goals & Objectives

Team lead for the GBA Economic Analysis working group. Redesigning money to restore resilience across our social, ecological and economic systems. Consulting and educating on token-economic design and preparing people, organizations and businesses to take advantage of the coming change in the emerging economy: the chance for more personal financial freedom, better governance and organizations that pursue higher purposes.

Domain Experience

Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Finance / Banking / Insurance, Marketing / Market Research / Public Relations

Use Case Experience

Asset Management, Data Analytics, Financial Instruments, Identity Management

Blockchain Development Experience


Cryptocurrency Experience

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple, Litecoin, Dash, Monero, NEM, IOTA, Bitcoin Cash, Bitshares, Steemit, EOS, Chainlink, Zcash, Other

Languages Spoken

English, German

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Full Time

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