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Berkeley, CA, USA
2000 Martin Luther King Junior Way Berkeley California 94704 US

Bridgit is building the Internet of Ideas. Our advanced bookmarking system accelerates research by enabling collaborative mapping, helping filter fake news, and revealing context on any idea. Our value proposition is collaboration without coordination, faster time to insight & innovation, accelerated learning, and collective memory & intelligence. Bridgit brings the transformative power of maps to the Internet. We accelerate innovation by making the entire web a collaborative learning experience that generates the building blocks of a map for the Internet. In this stage, we are catalyzing the Overweb, the next level of the Internet. We serve people and teams that do online research, large scale research collaborations, and orgs that want to reveal their content anywhere on the web. Our long term vision is Ubiquitous Context – no matter where you are – online, in a virtual world, or in the physical world, you will have access to deep layers of context.

2315 Ward St
United States
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Daveed Benjamin
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