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Beirut, Lebanon
Ahmad Moukhtar Bayhoum Bayrut Beirut Governorate LB

The goal of the UAB is to be the leading financial and banking organization in the Arab world and to progress the Arab banking and financial industry to an advanced level of professionalism. The Mission of the UAB is to:

  •  Serve as a referral center for the Arab financial and banking community;
  • Foster UAB member ties with each other; strengthen their bonds of cooperation; coordinate their activities, and defend their interests;
  •  Develop the Arab financial thought and banking industry on sound and sustainable basis;
  •  Serve as a bridge for Arab banks into the international banking business guidelines, providing a view to facilitate and promote their integration into the global banking and financial industry.
  • Provide technical assistance, capacity building, training, and advice to UAB members.
  •  Serve as a conduit for conflict resolution among Arab financial institutions
  •  Act as lead legislative role through active participation in the formulation of international banking laws and regulations.
P.O.Box: 11-2416 Riad El-Solh
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Mick Simonelli

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