“Entertaining and fascinating. The prose is crisp and engaging, the narrative voice confident, and the plot skillfully imagined and intelligently developed.” — Readers Favorite

A businessman gets the offer of a lifetime from the tiny, island country of Consensusland, but the catch is troubling: give up everything he knows about business and finance on a leap of faith in cryptocurrency and the power of blockchain. Will he take that leap?

A gripping narrative infused with dramatic realism, this book shows what a society running on the blockchain could look like, intertwining allegory and commentary to capture the current debate around bitcoin, altcoins, and money.

“A must-read for any crypto-enthusiast or newcomer that’s trying to understand the ‘use-case’ for blockchain.” — Misha Yurchenko, author, “Bullish on Bitcoin”

“Unique story, realistic themes. Brilliant literature.” — Red Headed Book Lover

Author of Publication (Name)
Mark Helfman
Authoring Organization
Lulu Publishing Services
Publication Date
November 30, 2018