Peggy Smedley starts the conversation with her thoughts on blockchain and calls the construction industry’s attention to the growing trend. IDC predicts global blockchain spending will increase by 88% from 2018 through the end of 2019. She defines blockchain, offers use cases, and details the benefits blockchain can yield for construction companies. She talks about the construction’s culture and the importance of being able to access and navigate technological advancements. She advises companies to jump over the hurdle, research blockchain platforms, investigate use cases, and determine if blockchain is right for that next big construction project.

She interviews Daniel Cage, Andrea Simo, and Gerard Dache

  • Daniel Cage (4:55) – The Cage Group, joins the show and explains what blockchain is, who is involved, what blockchain can do, and how safe the process can be.
  • Andrea Simon (17:23) – Andrea Simon, Simon Associates Management Consultants, explicates the history of blockchain, the uses of the technology today, and where the future of blockchain is heading. She shares two cities’ interest in making all financial exchanges through blockchain.
  • Gerard Daché (24:32), Gerard Dache is the Executive Director of the Government Blockchain Assn ( He shares his experience with blockchain, the impact it can have if the government uses the technology to transfer information through a private blockchain. He says blockchain is the most secure way to make transactions.

Peggy concludes the episode by listing the steps construction companies will need to follow in order to embrace blockchain for that next big project. She shares the difficulties behind adopting new technology and advises thorough research. She concludes the show with quick, insightful commentary on everything covered throughout the episode.

Author of Publication (Name)
Peggy Smedley
Authoring Organization
ConstrucTech TV
Publication Date
April 23, 2019