The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a global non-profit organization comprised of thousands of government and private sector professionals dedicated to the improvement of government operations using blockchain technology.   The organization is planning to launch a token that will be awarded to GBA members, contributors and leaders for the benefits they bring to the community.  Tokens will be awarded for leading chapters, publishing articles, delivering presentations and other activities that bring value to the GBA Ecosystem.

Later, when future individuals and organizations want to join GBA as members, or participate in working groups, work on special projects, participate in proposal response teams, or become members of public-private partnerships, they will need to pay for those GBA benefits and services with GBA Tokens.  Tokens will be available for purchase on a public exchange.  In other words, they will need to purchase the tokens from people that actually built the organization.  The purpose of this token is to reward the people who built the GBA by people who benefit from the GBA community and resources.

The release and distribution will be made entirely by smart contract so that no individual will have the ability to alter the distribution.  Changes to the distribution models will be made via a consensus algorithm build directly into the smart contracts.  Eventually, the goal is for this Token ecosystem to be managed as a DAO.

Author of Publication (Name)
Nabeel Malik
Authoring Organization
Government Blockchain Association Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group
Publication Date
October 1, 2018