“The future belongs to those who can imagine it, design it and execute it”
Educating people is our mission and creating a better and fairer world our vision.
Our world is changing rapidly. Young people in particular will live and work in smart cities in their near future. Technology is progressing inexorably. Anyone who is now open to the new technologies and who will continue to learn for the future will be among the winners if the impact of the new digital world becomes visible. Many professions will disappear, but new ones will also be created.

Do you want to be prepared for your professional future? Are you already an IT specialist and want to secure competitive advantages with this forward-looking additional training? The future needs Administrators and Consultants who understand the new technologies. No matter what goals you pursue, with this Master Course, you will make your CV more interesting and professional. SatoshiCon is the exclusive partner of ILTES.IN (Infinity Law-Tech Educational Services). Therefore, we are uniquely able to integrate everything about the latest state of the law in relation to blockchain, cryptocurrencies, and new technologies into our training. Talk to us for more information!

– Cryptocurrencies – a new era of digital assets
– Bitcoin -past, presence, and future
– Supply Chain Management
– Artificial Intelligence in Big Data, Researches and fundamental knowledge
5G & Internet of Things – risks, chances, adoption
– Blockchain (DLT), Tokonomy, Securities and Utilities, and Digital Ownership via Token Examples for use cases in Economy (real estate, health care, agriculture, traffic & more)
– Digitalization, Citizenship, Voting, Digital IDs, ID Process at all, Decentralized Financing, ADO, DFO
– Smart Cities, Business Intelligence, and Government logical solutions in DLT and new technologies
– Legalization of New Technologies and Law
– Smart Contracts, Digital transformation process
– Blockchain Governance & Blockchain Ethics

Satoshi Consulting & Education offers this special course as part of the academy student program. In association with Infinity Law-Tec Educational Service ( and MAS Education Centre (, we created this unique master diploma course becoming a Blockchain Consultant / Administrator, including Legal Right Management m and Blockchain Ethics

This 235-hour course will take you from beginner level to the absolute expert level in the areas of DLT, Blockchain, IoT, AI, Robotics, 5G & Smart City. You will not only acquire theoretical knowledge but also work with us on 2 projects and experience a real “use case” from conception to implementation. You will learn how new technology is embedded and why DLT and cryptocurrencies will change our world. As this is a complete study program, the 235 hours will be divided into online events, homework, and also teamwork. In addition to technical knowledge, we teach you everything about the latest regulations and laws for DLT, blockchain, and cryptocurrencies. Ethical aspects must also not be neglected and are among the most important pillars in the digital world.

This diploma opens the door to new technologies and offers new career opportunities, regardless of whether you work for us, start your own company, or want to apply to be a blockchain consultant. The difference to your competitors is that you already have experience in project management as well as successfully completed 2 projects to prove your fundamental knowledge.

Prof. (Dr.) MK Bhandari and Prof. (Dr.) h. c. J Molt are top-class trainers with many years of experience in the areas of the Blockchain and new technologies such as 5G, AI, Robotics, IoT & Smart City, Professor (Dr.) MK Bhandari is one of the best in this field. His work and research on regulation is unique. Prof. (Dr.) h. c. J. Molt was involved in the early days of Bitcoin and has such incomparable knowledge that it will surprise you.
The first companies are already using DLT technologies. One example is Walmart, which relies on new technology with Hyperledger. At least since the Covid-19 era, the world has started to accelerate the digitization process.

So, the right time is NOW!

Prof. (Dr.) h. c. Joerg Molt, Founder & Executive Director SatoshiCon, GBA Certified Trainer,
Prof. (Dr.) M.K. Bhandari, CEO-ILTES & Director-IOGA

Sept 28th, 2020 – June 30th, 2021 Monday & Wednesday, 11 am to 2 pm USA MDT, from 7 pm to 10 pm Germany CEST) (235 hrs total)

$ 9998
IOGA Members $ 8998
Groups, min. 3 participants, 30% discount


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September 13, 2020