Who We Are

GBA connects people and organizations with blockchain technology-based solutions to problems typically faced by government entities. 

We focus on our members to promote blockchain technology solutions to government but do not advocate for any specific policy position. 

GBA cultivates professional workflows between technologists, public policymakers, application specialists. Our chapters, working groups, and members serve as a catalyst in creating creative, profitable, and positive leveraging of blockchain technology.

Our Mission

GBA is not a lobbying organization. However, our mission is to bring together all levels of governments from around the world with various industries for creating helpful dialogue that facilitates the efficient, ethical, and rational adoption of blockchain technology to increase the quality of life for all citizens on a global level.

Moreover, we strive in conducting and promoting several professional advantages and opportunities for all our members, such as offering networking, training, and educational events.

As part of our ongoing mission to educate our members about new advancements within the blockchain technology field, we publish and support new content to help members understand and communicate important blockchain technology information.