Blockchain Maturity Model

Organizations around the world are beginning to acquire blockchain solutions.

The problem is, that they do not have the knowledge or framework to distinguish between a reliable solution and a hyped prototype.

The BMM helps solution providers demonstrate their credibility to potential customers as well as provides a roadmap to continuous improvement.

In some cases, the government can provide financial assistance to use the BMM to improve and demonstrate blockchain solutions.

GBA at the Internet Governance Forum

GBA members are hosting a Dynamic Coalition on blockchain standards at the Internet governance forum this week in Kyoto, Japan!

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Listen to GBA members talk about the problems that they are solving through innovative blockchain technology.
-Hosted by Jacqueline Cooper

Online Training for GBA Members

Introducing the GBA training portal with our first course “Blockchain Foundations” and more to come soon.

Savings and Equity Blockchain

The Proposed Maven Federal Credit Union, sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), is currently in the pre-charter phase with the National Credit Union Administration. To achieve our full charter and launch the first blockchain-powered credit union, we need 1,000 founding pre-charter members. These initial founding members must be U.S. citizens and have a current GBA membership (discounted fee available).

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Engage active working groups in your blockchain solution.  Join or suggest a new working group.


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Online Training

Become a blockchain specialist in a variety of areas with certified training & curriculum.

Blockchain Maturity Model

Figure out how to assess blockchains without all the hype.


Discover cutting edge blockchain based government solutions before everyone else!

Credit Union

Be a member of a blockchain-based credit union with Maven & GBA.

Optimistic Vs. ZK Rollups: Which one makes more sense for your dApp?

Rollups have emerged as a key player in the narrative for businesses and developers seeking scalable solutions. Initially, the buzz was all about Optimistic rollups, with ZK rollups often deemed great in theory but distant in practical application. Even Vitalik...

How to scale your dApp with the power of zkRollups?

Leveling blockchains as  the next big technology revolution with the innate capability of adding trust, transparency  and security for enterprise applications wouldn’t be an understatement. But to make this possible, we may need to come out of the monolithic...

CDK Validium vs Polygon zkEVM Deployment– Differences explained

CDK validium is currently the most interesting and highly feasible upgrade on the Polygon ecosystem. Validium is designed to enhance the existing scalability, security, and privacy capabilities of Polygon CDK. However, as a new concept, there’s a lot of skepticism...

UN IGF Blockchain Assurance & Standardization Dynamic Coalition Meets with Global Central Bankers

Members of the United Nations Internet Governance Forum Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance & Standardization (UN IGF DC-BAS ) is meeting with government, banking, and industry leaders considering the development of Central Bank Digital Currencies (CBDCs)....

Practical Use Cases of Zero Knowledge Proofs

Zero Knowledge Proofs (ZKPs) are gaining traction in today’s tech landscape, particularly in blockchain and Web3 sectors. The rise of Zero Knowledge-based public chains, zkRollups and zk based dApps are notable, but it’s important to remember that ZKPs can also be...

Avalanche Subnets vs Layer2 scaling solution— Key considerations for choosing one

Scalability has always been a big concern for blockchain protocols. However, a range of powerful solutions have emerged to tackle the scalability issues of blockchain protocols. Layer-2 solutions and Avalanche Subnets are the widely popular solutions for improving...

Lifetime Membership Now Available

Don't Miss The Lifetime Membership! Are you working with, or interested in blockchain technology? Then this is for you! The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is now offering a Lifetime Membership, available until December 31. Why is this important? Because...

UN IGF Dynamic Coalition Pilots DAO Project

On November 20, 2023, the United Nations (UN) Internet Governance Forum (IGF) Dynamic Coalition on Blockchain Assurance & Standardization will begin planning a project to establish a Distributed Autonomous Organization (DAO). The goal of the pilot project is to...

November 2023 Leadership Updates

GBA is please the announce the newest mebers of the GBA Leadership Team. Chiefof Staff – Dr. Ann Ingraham Ann is an author & speaker, and CEO at Exponential HealthTech Advisors, LLC. She brings dedication, passion, and great tenacity to everything she...

A comprehensive zkSync Era Guide: Everything you need to know

zkSync Era aims to solve one of blockchain’s biggest challenges— the scalability trilemma. As the leading smart contract blockchain, Ethereum has a rich-ecosystem of numerous Dapps and millions of daily transactions, which creates network congestion and low...

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