Savings and Equity Blockchain

The Proposed Maven Federal Credit Union, sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), is currently in the pre-charter phase with the National Credit Union Administration. To achieve our full charter and launch the first blockchain-powered credit union, we need 1,000 founding pre-charter members. These initial founding members must be U.S. citizens and have a current GBA membership (discounted fee available).

Online Training for GBA Members

Introducing the GBA training portal with our first course “Blockchain Foundations” and more to come soon.

Blockchain Maturity Model

Organizations around the world are beginning to acquire blockchain solutions.

The problem is, that they do not have the knowledge or framework to distinguish between a reliable solution and a hyped prototype.

The BMM helps solution providers demonstrate their credibility to potential customers as well as provides a roadmap to continuous improvement.

In some cases, the government can provide financial assistance to use the BMM to improve and demonstrate blockchain solutions.

Future of Money Governance and the Law

Don’t miss the future of money, governance, and the law, GBAs signature event in Washington DC 2023


Connect with other GBA members in a social media style environment, completely dedicated to blockchain.

Working Groups

Engage active working groups in your blockchain solution.  Join or suggest a new working group.


Discover your local blockchain community and network through GBA chapters.


Join us at GBA conferences and virtual events. Watch past events on our Youtube channel.

Online Training

Become a blockchain specialist in a variety of areas with certified training & curriculum.

Blockchain Maturity Model

Figure out how to assess blockchains without all the hype.


Discover cutting edge blockchain based government solutions before everyone else!

Credit Union

Be a member of a blockchain-based credit union with Maven & GBA.

What is a Full Node? A Detailed Guide

It is well-established that nodes are essential for all the layers of web3 to function as they’re intended. Yet, understanding nodes, how they operate, what is a full node, what is an archival node, and many other questions pop up on a web3 developer’s...

Comprehensive guide on Tokenized real-world assets

Currently, the token economy is flourishing, and many industries benefit from it. One of the buzzwords related to the economy is asset tokenization which means tokenizing real-world commodities. Investing in real word assets such as — company shares,...

How no-code blockchain infrastructure automation platforms can drive Web3 adoption

Unless you’ve been living under a rock for the last decade, chances are, you’ve come across the term “web3”, “web3 infrastructure management” and “no code web3”.  Although most people know about web3 that uses blockchain as an underlying...

GBA is Building Bridges

GBA is building bridges of communication between the public and the private sectors. In the wake of crumbling cryptocurrency exchanges, opposing narratives, hostile world views, and, ultimately, a lack of the truth, what remains steadfast? The Government Blockchain...

Income for Creating Blockchain Courses

Recently, we launched the Government Blockchain Training Academy and are now offering the Blockchain Foundations Course free to all GBA members. Since GBA does not charge government employees for membership, we are offering the Blockchain Foundations Course to every...

How to Use Substrate Framework to Efficiently Build Different Blockchains

Blockchain has shown a positive impact on many industries by reshaping the data sharing process. The blockchain network has grown into a vast ecosystem and has improved traceability, security, and transparency in every industry. Nowadays, there is a...

Blockchain & Web 3.0 for Smart Cities Deployments-Masterclass

This 4-hour masterclass is being planned now. This masterclass will highlight latest global blockchain, Web 3.0 and smart cities trends, business models, financing instruments, technology architecture essentials, optimal governance models, strategic...

Blockchain for Good: Carbon Accounting and Voluntary Carbon Markets

We can expect more laws and consumer expectations for carbon reductions and an increased need for the disclosure of climate risk. It is going to become increasingly crucial that precise and verified climate-related disclosures are included in financial reports, as...

What does a blockchain core infrastructure look like?

The technological advancements in blockchain technology are promising, the reason being the core features such as decentralization, immutability, faster settlement, and better security. Blockchain is empowering enterprises and individuals to maintain record-keeping by...

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