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GBA Conference Powerhouse Speakers

Check out some of our amazing lineup of speakers at the Future of Money, Governance, and the Law in Washington, DC on May 2-3, 2024. Circle, Vice President of Global Policy – Corey Then  Mr. Then leads the global policy development for Circle, the company behind...

What’s brewing on Arbitrum Orbit? Navigating the Hottest Projects

023 has been a kickstarting year for blockchain rollups. Several enterprises and businesses realized the importance of having a customizable, single-use Layer2 rollup, which led to the outstanding popularity of rollup frameworks like Polygon CDK, Zk Stack, OP Stack,...

Elevate Your Rollup Security: Tackle MEV Risks in Custom Layer2 Chains

The concept of decentralization that established a financial system which is worth roughly $2 Trillion in just over a decade sounds simply majestic. However, the rate of adoption has triggered the need for alternate scaling solutions to help match the demand. That’s...

Layer2 Rollups: Powering Next-gen enterprise applications

Layer2 rollups have been a game-changer for the web3 landscape, whether it’s about enhancing the capabilities of Layer1 blockchains, upgrading dApps for superior performance, or powering enterprise applications with next-gen capabilities. While dApps and layer1...

Monopoly Reception Game

Get ready to experience a Crypto Monopoly evening. The reception at The Future of Money, Governance, and the Law will be Monopoly-themed. All FoMGL attendees receive Jurat Tokens and a wallet on Thursday of the conference. Attendees will be able to download a wallet...

Blockchain and Digital Asset Certifications

The Digital Asset Council of Financial Professionals (DACFP) Founded by Barron’s #1 Financial Advisor, New York Times Best-Selling Author,  and nationally acclaimed digital aset investmetn advisor, Ric Edelman offers five online (self-paced) certifications that...

January Newsletter

Welcome to the January NewsletterHighlights This Month Leadership Update GBA Board Elections BMM Update First Decentralized ID Solution Achieves BMM Maturity Level One Events Update Future of Money, Governance &the Law Annual Achievement Awards Blockchain &...

How Arbitrum Orbit Simplifies Building App Specific Rollup Solutions?

When it comes to TVL, transcations and active users, Arbitrum has witnessed a 5x increase in the last one year. Despite that fact, when it comes to building application specific roll-up solutions, Op Stack, StarkX, and others  have provided tough competition to the...

Plasma Chains vs Rollups: Who’s winning the Battle for Layer2 Supremacy?

While Ethereum continues to record rapid development of Layer2s on its ecosystem, it also sees trade-offs like network congestion, low TPS, and slow response time. Plasma and rollups are the two layer-2 solutions that have proven to be able to tackle blockchain’s...

Why Medium-Traction Layer1 blockchains are Shifting to L2 Rollups?

Before the introduction of side chains, appchains and rollups, Layer-1 blockchains were the only means for enterprises to build independent, and customized chains. Therefore, many Layer-1 blockchains are now migrating to Layer-2 rollups to achieve greater security...

Decentralized Oracles: Supercharging the Enterprise Rollup Adoption

Blockchain rollups are the most promising solutions available right now to scale Ethereum and other Layer1 blockchains. All kinds of rollups– be it based on finance use cases, gaming, digital identity, payment, or supply chain; need to interact with real-world data...

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