Blockchain & Infrastructure: the Rise of AI

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Savings and Equity Blockchain

The Proposed Maven Federal Credit Union, sponsored by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA), is currently in the pre-charter phase with the National Credit Union Administration. To achieve our full charter and launch the first blockchain-powered credit union, we need 1,000 founding pre-charter members. These initial founding members must be U.S. citizens and have a current GBA membership (discounted fee available).

Online Training for GBA Members

Introducing the GBA training portal with our first course “Blockchain Foundations” and more to come soon.

Blockchain Maturity Model

Organizations around the world are beginning to acquire blockchain solutions.

The problem is, that they do not have the knowledge or framework to distinguish between a reliable solution and a hyped prototype.

The BMM helps solution providers demonstrate their credibility to potential customers as well as provides a roadmap to continuous improvement.

In some cases, the government can provide financial assistance to use the BMM to improve and demonstrate blockchain solutions.


Connect with other GBA members in a social media style environment, completely dedicated to blockchain.

Working Groups

Engage active working groups in your blockchain solution.  Join or suggest a new working group.


Discover your local blockchain community and network through GBA chapters.


Join us at GBA conferences and virtual events. Watch past events on our Youtube channel.

Online Training

Become a blockchain specialist in a variety of areas with certified training & curriculum.

Blockchain Maturity Model

Figure out how to assess blockchains without all the hype.


Discover cutting edge blockchain based government solutions before everyone else!

Credit Union

Be a member of a blockchain-based credit union with Maven & GBA.

TapestryX Rated as a Trusted Blockchain Solution

TapestryX, a layer one blockchain solution, has achieved the prestigious distinction of being rated as a Trusted Blockchain Solution for the Banking, Financial Services, and other industries. The rating was conducted by the Government Blockchain Association (GBA)...

The GBA Recognizes Blockchain Trailblazers

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) continues its tradition of presenting the Annual Achievement Awards to individuals and organizations that are using blockchain to solve public sector problems. Presented in Washington, DC on May 24, 2023, this year’s class...

GBA Member, Zeeve, Inks Partnership with Polygon Labs

Zeeve, a top-tier Web3 Infrastructure as a Service platform compliant with ISO 27001, SOC2 Type2, and GDPR standards, has joined forces with Polygon Labs to serve as a key infrastructure provider and implementation partner for Polygon Supernets. This aims to simplify...

Rise Of Web3 With 5G: Automated Era with 5G, Blockchain, Metaverse, AI

Till 2022, we saw ups and downs in the world of blockchain, and the generation of the internet plays a vital role in the popularity of the technology. In 2023, the fifth generation of the internet will become more and more accessible. 5G is built for device-to-device...

Future of Money, Governance & the Law 2023 FAQs

No vaccine restrictions Dress Code: GBA events are unique in that we ask attendees to follow a dress code. (This will benefit you greatly in networking with our distinguished audience). We will also have media teams taking videos, interviewing attendees for podcasts,...

Crypto Reporter: Transformational Chief Executive of the United Nations Joint Staff Pension Fund joins Blockchain Conference

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is pleased to announce that Ms. Rosemarie McClean, Chief Executive of the Pension Administration and Assistant Secretary-General of the United Nations, will participate at the upcoming conference, The Future of Money,...

Exploring Decentralized Storage Services: Fundamentals and Beyond

We live in a data-centric world, where everything has become a part of data – and one of the most significant challenges IT sectors have been facing in recent years is storing, maintaining, and updating the data on a regular basis. The data is exponentially growing,...

3 Industries Driving NFT Mass Adoption: Gaming, Music, Fashion

Are Non-Fungible Tokens (NFTs) just a bubble, or do they have real utility? It’s a question that’s been on many people’s minds since it took the world by storm. Many may debate that NFTs are still in the early stages of development and yet have to gain...

The Complete Web3 Gaming Tech Stack

With the Web3 industry growing rapidly, at 38.2% CAGR, demand for Web3 gaming has increased among gaming enthusiasts worldwide. Web3 games leverage the power of blockchain technology and a range of next-gen technologies like 3D...

The Dawn of a New Era: Top 20 Web3 alternatives to Web2 apps

The era of Web3, the next generation of the Internet, is here, and it is still in its active development phase.  The burgeoning of a new breed of decentralized applications is progressing quickly and faring well. They offer alternatives to popular...

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