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Organizations Around the World are Beginning to Acquire Blockchain Solutions.

The problem is, that they do not have the knowledge or framework to distinguish between a reliable solution and a hyped prototype.
The BMM helps solution providers demonstrate their credibility to potential customers as well as provides a roadmap to continuous improvement.
In some cases, the government can provide financial assistance to use the BMM to improve and demonstrate blockchain solutions.


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GBA Conference Powerhouse Speakers

Check out some of our amazing lineup of speakers at the Future of Money, Governance, and the Law in Washington, DC on May 2-3, 2024. Circle, Vice President of Global Policy – Corey Then  Mr. Then leads the global policy development for Circle, the company behind...

Tapping into Base with OP Stack for your next blockbuster Web3 game

Base is a new blockchain as its mainnet went live in August, 2023. Despite that, more than 30 gaming dApps are already deployed on its ecosystem. Witnessing such a huge surge, Base is now encouraging projects to build and manage their games on a dedicated Layer3 using...

Dencun Upgrade: A New Chapter for Ethereum’s Layer 2 Scalability

As a front-runner in the Web 3 ecosystem, Ethereum boasts a robust ecosystem housing thousands of Dapps, with a TVL at the time of writing standing at $50 B. Ethereum has been able to achieve these landmark milestones, allegiance to rollups and side chains. However,...

DeVOTE Awarded GBA Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) Assessment Level One

“DeVOTE, a Mobil Voting App on blockchain has met the standards of the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM)”, said GBA Executive Director Gerard Dache. “Blockchain provides an immutable chain of custody for information provided...

Join the Decentralized Autonomous Organization (DAO)

As you may know, you cannot join the DAO if you are not part of the Google group. You can join the Google group using this link: To be accepted into the DAO, you must prove your identity....

The Door Cracks Open- The Senate Resolution on Classification of Digital Assets Signals The U.S. Congress is Open to Pro-Cryptocurrency Legislation

By Dr. Christopher W. Smithmyer Washington D.C.- The Door opened just a bit yesterday to show that more and more Senators and Congresspeople are willing to discuss fair cryptocurrency laws for the United States. While the vast majority of cryptocurrency acts before...

Can you help Perma Labs take off?

We’re in for a chance to pitch in front of 50+ VCs, partner with industry-leading ecosystems, get discounts, credits, 1:1 access, extensive coverage on media outlets and more… Please give us your vote on Huge thanks from all...

Free Blockchain Training for Government

Free Blockchain Maturity Model (BMM) training for government employees Over the summer of 2024 the GBA will be offering free BMM training for government employees. Limited time offer of $2,500 free BMM training. Training includes: BMM Video Courses Blockchain...

Index Aave V3 Data LIVE with Traceye Community Subgraphs

Aave V3 is the upgraded, most recent version of the Aave Protocol– the decentralized and non-custodial liquidity market for seamless borrowing and lending of crypto assets. Besides allowing suppliers to earn interest on their liquidity and borrowers to borrow assets,...

A Holistic view of solutions to reduce 7-day Finality in OP Rollups

Optimistic rollups or OP Rollups are the key contenders in the battle of Layer2 scaling solutions. With leading projects like Optimism (OP) Mainnet, Arbitrum One/Nova, Zora, Base, and Mantle network– Optimistic rollups have now become a top choice for innovative dApps...

GBA Releases Model Law For Cryptocurrency & Digital Assets

Approximately 150 nations around the world do not have a cryptocurrency or Digital Asset law on their books. And, while there are several national and international organizations publishing glossaries and taxonomies, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) has...

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