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MyEarth.Id has a vision of providing a self-sovereign universal identity to all humans, thereby providing seamless access to global services, in a secure and borderless way.
EarthId, as a decentralised Identity Management Platform, will provide a safe and secure identity to all human beings through the power of cryptography and distributed ledger technology (DLT). EarthId provides user-owned universal identity, enabling border-less access to global services. EarthId will also provide a digital ID wallet, aggregating users identity and vital information across industries, compliant with global data regulations like GDPR. EarthId also offers a proprietary identity scoring mechanism, Trust Score, reflecting the strength of user’s identity.
By simplifying the process of validating human identity, and reducing identity theft and fraud, we can minimise the cost of identity management.
The key usecases include:
1. Password-less logins
3. Digital ID Wallet
4. Access Management (Digital as well as physical)
5. User onboarding
6. Identity Scoring

Short Summary

EarthId is a self-sovereign and decentralized identity management platform.

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