GBA Board of Directors

The GBA Board is goverend by our Bylaws and states that the GBA Board is accountable to our members. For that reason, this page includes the information that our members need in order to provide adequate oversight of the Board is conatined below. To contact the Board please send an email to board at GBAglobal dot org

GBA Board of Directors

Board Training

All board members are required to complete the GBA Baord Training.


There are currently three vacancies on the GBA Board. Two are the result of term limits and one is due to a resignation. Our bylaws state that the two term limit positions need to be replaced by new members elected by the GBA members and the one that resulted from a resignation may be appointed by the Board. Consequently, we will be holding an election for the two positions and once those two new members are added to the Board, we will appoint the third person to complete the term of the member that resigned.

The qualifications to be on the Board are:

  • 4 Years of GBA Membership in good standing
  • 1 Year of GBA leadership experience
  • Participation in at least two GBA major events

We have asked the GBA Voting Working Group to establish the procedures and tools necessary to conduct elections in accordance with the GBA BMM Voting & Elections Supplement. If you are interested in participating in developing the process, please log in to the website and join the GBA Voting Working Group. If you are interested in being a Board nominee, please log in to the GBA website and fill out the form below (only visible to logged in members).

GBA Bylaws v2.1
10 May 2022

Board Meeting Minutes