Land Titling Working Group

This working group explores blockchain technologies to address land titling and insurance use cases around the world.  The group studies solutions deployed in other countries to identify opportunities to implement solutions globally.

The Group will be identifying and studying real estate use-cases, pilot programs and other  solutions deployed in other countries with the goal of reaching out to government institutions on municipal, state and federal levels to 1) educate, 2) recommend and 3) consult and  assist with the implementation of Blockchain solutions in their respective jurisdictions.

The immediate goal of the Working Group to staff and structure the Land Titling Group with interested volunteers from the private and public sectors to  help develop a communication platform to develop strategies and tactics  and to set agreed upon milestones in the implementation of Blockchain technologies in the recordation of deeds and titles within land registry systems throughout the world.  To learn more about this (or any other working group), go to: