Miguel Hernandez



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Blockchain Evangelist / Web3 Dev


Maine, ME 04093, USA


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I have been following crypto and blockchain tech since 2012. I have been in and out of the space. Now I have made the firm decision to make the career change to blockchain technology because I love it. I collect NFT's, I hold a diverse portfolio of several different crypto currencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, and Cardano to name a few. Working as a security systems installer is no longer doing it for me, so I have jumped into coding with solidity, and python. I had the pleasure to attend some of the virtual GBA meetings and what they are doing for the space is way ahead of the curve. I finally pulled the trigger and got my membership. I look forward to contributing to the space and meeting people looking to create and build systems that will shape the world of tomorrow.

Professional Goals & Objectives

Some professional goals I look forward to are building systems that integrate blockchain technology to increase security. Also I look forward to a more trust less world with more adoption for DAO's. I want to connect with people that are interested in the space, because my current friends are tired of me talking circles around them about AI, Blockchain, and crypto. (Looking for new friends LOL)

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Advertising, Art & Entertainment, Artificial Intelligence, Communications / Media / Printing / Publishing, Construction / Home Improvement, Entertainment / Recreation, Retail, Smart Cities, Telecommunications

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Bitcoin, Cardano, Chainlink, Ethereum, IOTA, Ripple

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English, Spanish

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