Recurring Events

Blockchain & Infrastructure

This event will focus on providing government acquisition professionals with the knowledge and frameworks needed to evaluate and select high-quality blockchain solutions. It also provides solution providers with a roadmap to distinguish and differentiate their solutions from the hype and vaporware solutions in the marketplace.

The Future of Money, Governance, & The Law

All governments need to understand now, more than ever, how blockchain is disrupting current systems. As cryptocurrencies, DeFi, DAOs, smart contracts, IoT, and AI shift power from centralized authority to decentralized authority, governments that do not adapt will be left holding an empty bag. This 2 -day is at the National Press Club in Washington DC and is intended to educate policymakers, map out trajectories, and offer solutions with potential use cases.

Blockchain & Sustainable Economic Growth

Are you interested in learning about how blockchain technology can help with sustainability and economic growth? Find out how lawmakers are preparing for the future of blockchain technology, discussing sovereignty, energy, identity, and trust.

Blockchain & Liberty for All

Blockchain & Liberty for All is a one-day VIRTUAL event, encouraging local chapters to gather together to tune in from around the world.

Focusing on decentralized systems, blockchain provides the opportunity for economic and self-sovereign freedom to all citizens in all nations. This event will focus on Identity, Decentralization, Tokenomics and Economics, Banking, Governance, and Freedom.