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Decentralization – The new paradigm

Ashley E Cribb January 10, 2023

In this course, we have learned that there are many challenges and, quite frankly, opportunities within the Distributed Energy Resources Management industries. It was found that there are issues with availability, pricing, and security within an energy grid system. This is not just happening in the Western world but on a global scale.

We have gone through the issues that are faced and some possible solutions. Ultimately, it has been determined that with the advantages of blockchain technology, its strengths of transparency, security, and efficiency, a decentralized system could be a solution that could help the industry flourish.

Government Blockchain Association’s role

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) is a membership organization that offers three main stakeholders a means to educate government leaders on implementing decentralized solutions within the government. Below are some stakeholders and their benefits of joining the GBA.

City, County, State, and Federal Government Employees – These individuals may have advanced, intermediate, or beginning knowledge of blockchain technologies and implement laws or policies to help serve their constituents. But what if they do not know anything about the technology but have intact laws? These individuals will be able to be part of working groups and obtain knowledge about the technology to become more knowledgeable so that they can make sound decisions surrounding the technology and their citizens.

Small, Medium, or Large businesses or consultants – These individuals are the subject matter experts that know to help either teach Governments or Government employees about the technology so that a possible blockchain solution can be within budget, timely and scalable.

Academic Research Facilitators – Within this space, research is being done to help the space innovate further. These individuals will want to further their research and have a means to possibly fund their research, gain testbeds to help gain feedback or take their research to market to be able to fund their next research project. The GBA offers many opportunities for them to accomplish their goals.

Blockchain Maturity Model

In the next section, we will introduce the Blockchain Maturity Model and how it will help the Distributed Energy Sector on implementing a decentralized system within the industry.