Intro to Blockchain for Government

On October 16, 2017 the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) delivered a one-day course to about 30 government leaders of the US General Services Administration (GSA) in Washington, DC.  The course provided participants with 5.5 Continuous Learning Points (CLP) and an understanding of the technology.  The topics include:

  • Why care about blockchain?
  • What is blockchain?
  • Government use cases, benefits, and risks
  • Examples of current real-world use and adoption of blockchain technology
  • Blockchain architecture
  • Smart contracts
  • Data storage on blockchain

The feedback from students was extremely positive and they were emphatic that many others in government leadership should take this course.   The biggest take aways the students articulated were that blockchain technologies:

  • Are a complete paradigm shift in how people establish & maintain trust in business processes
  • May impact virtually every aspect of how the government does business
  • Have the potential to result in exponential improvements to the cost, speed and reliability of government processes, and
  • Will require significant education, training, and building sponsorship to implement solutions

This course will soon be available to be delivered by local instructors from our GBA Chapters listed here:


For a complete list of the current schedule upcoming government blockchain courses and events please visit:



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