Government Blockchain Courses Available through GSA eBUY Program

In 2018, GBA licenced courses will be available to US government agencies through an expedited, FAR compliant process know as the GSA eBuy Program.Ā Ā This vehicle and process is available to all Government agencies. Ā It is fully compliance with all FAR requirements and considered a
competitive acquisition.Ā  Ā It can be scoped to reduce the amount of competition to a selective group as required (min 3 vendors)

This acquisition process is quick and requires minimal administrative requirements from buyer (GSA controls process. Executed contacts is available immediately for execution of work (~ 7-10 days) and, can be modified for future requirements. Contract can be modified as necessary

This process is available through qualified GBA member companies.Ā  Additional details about this GBA – GSA Training Opportunities will be published in early 2018.

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