Congratulations to the 1st Govt Blockchain Association (GBA) Certified Consultant of 2018

On January 12, 2018 about a dozen blockchain professionals completed their training at Noblis in Reston, VA.  During the training they demonstrated competence in a broad array of topics related to blockchain adoption in the public sector.  The graduates received training and hands on practical exercises  in subjects including:

Trends and factors impacting global adoption of blockchain technologies

Global demand for blockchain education and use case implementation

Blockchain technologies, functions, architectures, consensus protocols, hashing algorithms, development platforms

Blockchain product & project management

Cryptocurrencies rules & regulations

Understanding the resistance to change and implementing effective strategies to implement transformative technologies.

The Government Blockchain Association (GBA) welcomes Amy Nicewick, Art Nicewick, Daniel Yim, Gerard Dache, Isaac Perry, Jim Ramia, Jonathan Lehman, Richard Barigye, Roshan Mirajkar, Sonia Mundra and Robert Perry into a new profession as GBA Certified Consultants.

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