Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Launching 200 Additional Chapters Around The World!


On February 1st, the GBA Miami chapter launched with over 50 people attending their inaugural event.  the GBA started in August 2016 when the first meetup was attended by two guests.  By December of 2017, more than 3,000 people were attending events in over 40 cities.  Today, there are chapters in cities around the world in Argentina, Australia, Canada, Dubai, England, France, India, Japan, Kuwait, Korea, Mexico, Philippines, Singapore, Spain, Russia and the United States.  Along with that, there are thousands of new additional attendees.

All of these chapters need content for their meetings.  For that reason, the GBA has launched working groups to study the use cases and find solutions.  There are lots of organizations that are talking about blockchain.  We have challenged our working groups to produce meaningful results and actually develop and deploy real solutions.  Civil servants from city, state (provincial / territorial), national and international government organizations are invited to join the working groups for free.  Blockchain professionals and corporate members come to the working groups with their white papers, pilot projects, suggestions and ideas.  Together, they brainstorm and collaborate to find real solutions to solve real problems.  In the past six months we have launched the following working groups:

  • Asset Management
  • Budgeting, Appropriations & Tracking
  • Cannabis
  • Contract Management
  • Cybersecurity
  • Economic & Financial Management
  • Education & Training
  • Energy
  • Health Care
  • Intellectual Property (IP)
  • Land Titling
  • Identity Management
  • Legislative & Legal
  • Mining
  • Smart City
  • Supply Chain
  • Voting

Getting involved with this movement is easy.   Feel free to join or start a local GBA Chapter, join a Working Group, or attend one of our Certified Blockchain Training Courses

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