A single digital identity could unlock billions in economic opportunity in Austraalia


Australian Post Office

The Australian Postal Corporation is working on an identity management solution called Digital ID.  According to project website,

“Our systems for verifying identity online have failed to keep up with the digitisation of the economy – or the expectations of consumers.  Frustration, a lack of control and inefficiency is costing Australia’s economy up to $11 billion in missed opportunity.”

Their  white paper, A frictionless future for identity management shares the findings of this research and reveals how we can make every digital interaction safer and simpler for all Australians.


Brazil’s Ministry of Planning

Brazil’s Ministry of Planning has developed a successful pilot for document and identity verification in conjunction with Microsoft and global blockchain specialist firm ConsenSys. The application will use uPort, the self-sovereign identity system run on Ethereum, the iconic, second generation blockchain system.

uPort is a self-sovereign identity system that allows people to own their identity, fully control the flow of their personal information, and authenticate themselves in various contexts – both on and off blockchain. Its app is a mobile identity and credential wallet. uPort believes it will be the primary way that people interact with blockchains.  Read the white paper

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