Budgeting, Appropriations & Tracking on Blockchain

The Budget, Appropriations & Tracking Working Group (BAT), led by Steve Olson is developing a prototype blockchain application that is capable of managing budgets, allocating funds, disbursing funds and tracking spending using blockchain related technologies.

The prototype would use smart contracts to enforce compliance and cryptocurrency disbursement methods and conversions.  The proposed system could significantly reduce the costs, delays and expenses while increasing transparency and trust.  The prototype is planned to be organization and policy agnostic.  This means that the  the prototype could be deployed in any government organization (local, state, national or international) and is intended to be configurable, as to comply with policy and regulatory requirements as set forth by any government institution.

The Working Group hopes to develop a system that could be validated in a limited environment like a local county office, and incrementally deployed to larger and more complex government organizations.

The group will meet monthly at the United States Library of Congress to collaborate, plan and assign tasks as skills, interests, and time permits.  This Working Group is open to any:

  • Employee (civilian or military) at local, state, national of international governments
  • Government Blockchain Association (Professional or Corporate) Professional Members

To participate in this project,

  1.  Go to the GBA Membership Page
  2. Join the Working Group go to:  https://gbaglobal.org/working-groups and
  3. Send email  to BATWG@gbaglobal.net or

If you have any questions, please contact by Steve Olson.

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