Samsung Working on ASIC Chips for Mining Distributor

Samsung has beenworking on ASIC chips for Halong Mining. The mining company is a manufacturer for mining hardware. A picture of a wafer was tweeted the other day. The thin pieced chip is made of semiconductor material which is used in the integrated circuits. Samsung has tailored their craftsmanship for the mining company. Samsung has been making Application Specific Intergrated Circuit chips for the purpsose of mining, since last year. However, they never released information on who they were providing these chips to. The only clue was that the company was based in China. Very little is known about Halong Mining and one thing that is known is that they have produced the most efficient miner on the market, the Dragonmint T1. These miners started selling last year, and they have surpassed Bitmainā€™s Antminer S9 in efficiency. By Samsung manufacturing these chips for Halong, a new gate can be opened for technologal players and the ASIC chip industry. Samsung can boost their production easily and they can accomodate consumer demands.

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