An image or map of blockchain companies dedicated to the real estate sector was recently developed by a Spanish firm called Finnovating.

The map lists the various Blockchain initiatives around the globe.  While a few companies may be missing, it’s a comprehensive image readily showing activity in this sector.

As seen in the infographic, Blockchain applications are combined  with other technologies such as big data (3), property management (4), construction-tech (1), hospitality accommodations (3), marketplace and portals (6), peer-to-peer (9), record keeping/land registry (5), real estate marketing (2) ), property investment (21), smart cities (2), crypto (1), VR-AR (7).  Additionally, the ecosystem is made up of companies dedicated to the promotion, support and development of blockchain technology in the real estate sector through the organization of events (8) or the publication of news or training courses (4).

While the real estate industry, using legacy infrastructure such as real estate brokers, attorneys, notaries, appraisers, etc. has been slow to adopt blockchain technologies the map demonstrates a variety of startups which will eventually shake up the industry, and decentralize and universalize it.

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