GBA Paris Chapter President Selected for EU Blockchain Working Group

The Government Blockchain Association is pleased to announce that Leila Nassiri Jamet, the President of the GBA Paris Chapter has been selected along with several other prominent blockchain leaders to be part of the European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, Blockchain Policy and Framework Working Group

The European Blockchain Observatory and Forum, which launched in February, is a European initiative to accelerate blockchain innovation and the development of the blockchain ecosystem within the EU and so help cement Europeā€™s position as a global leader in this transformative new technology.

The Working Groups will identify and research existing blockchain initiatives within the EU and in other countries, monitor and discuss technical developments and challenges, look at the legal and regulatory conditions in order offer more legal certainty, seeking to draw lessons and formulate potential areas for action at European level.

The group will also look at cross-technology and cross-industry issues to define the policy, legal and regulatory conditions needed to promote the regulatory and legal predictability necessary for larger-scale deployment of blockchain applications. This analysis will consider issues ranging from smart contracts and protection of personal data to legal recognition of blockchains and token economics. The Working Group will also examine issues around technology and ecosystem development, including interoperability, scalability, sustainability, cybersecurity, and energy efficiency.

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