China Electronic Information Industry (CCID), manages rankings of different digital currencies. They have updated their blockchain rankings to reflect EOS as the best blockchain network. Before, Ethereum was number one in their books. The Chinese government believes that EOS has the best blockchain in the world, due to their innovations and technology. There is no such thing as a perfect score when it comes to blockchain rankings. There are at least ten different categories each blockchain is ranked by. Some of the categories are: proof-of-stake (POS), utility token, bank protocol, tokenized security, smart contracts, appcoins, and etc. CCID has a strong structure that is based on three categories: innovation, application, and technology. EOS ranked number one with 15.4 points in applicability, 102 points in technology, and 44.1 points in innovation. Ethereum came in second with 24.9 points in applicability, 85.2 points in technology, and 28.3 points in innovation. However, EOS still derives from the Ethereum network, and without that there would be no EOS. EOS received high marks in innovation because of its PoS protocols. It received high scores in technology because of its PoS consensus algorithms, and the fact that it can process more transactions in a shorter amount of time.

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