GBA Blockchain Certification Course to be held in New York City / 3-Day Course

On-going blockchain and related technology education is critical to our success.  (And besides, education promotes a healthy brain.)

This comprehensive 3-day course is the very first time a GBA certification course will be held in New York City!  And I am very excited to be able to attend.

Fantastic location and venue in a mid-Manhattan law firm at CKR LAW just a few blocks from Central Park (CKR Law has a very active Blockchain Technology & Digital Currency practice group)  

This 3-day course – August 15th, 16th and 17th-¬†¬†has a¬†¬†discounted bundle¬† $$ price.¬† The link to the registration page is posted here and below…


This course provides attendees with the information needed to understand the technology, environment and issues to establish legal and regulatory policies. It also helps citizens understand the topic well enough to comply with the legal and regulatory requirements. This course describes the architectural and technical issues that must be considered before launching a blockchain development program.


DAY 1:   Blockchain Foundations

DAY 2:  Blockchain and Cryptocurrency Rules and Regulations

DAY 3:  Blockchain Solution Architecture


Here’s the invite link with course descriptions….check it out:


John Dean Markunas,  Leader, GBA Land Titling Working Group


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