GBA Public-Private Partnerships (PPP)

The GBA is launching a suite of Public-Private Partnerships (PPP) in 2018.Ā  These are temporary organizations consisting of public and private corporate members that are committed to building blockchain systems that are delivered to the all member of the partnership.Ā  All pubic and private organizations pay an annual fee to participate and they all receive the intellectual property that is produced by the consortium.Ā  The first projects to be launched will be launched will be:

  • Acquisition Management
  • Budget, Appropriations & Tracking
  • Contributions & Donations
  • Healthcare ā€“ Financial Management
  • Healthcare – Organ and Blood Transfer
  • Healthcare ā€“ Research & Data Analytics
  • Land Titling
  • Voting


Annual Pricing for these Public-Private Partnerships are $10,000 (Until October 1, 2018) and $25,000 (after October 1, 2018).

For more information about these programs, please fil out this form:Ā

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