GBA Expands into Africa

Mr. Ngueti Armand Gaetan has been appointed as the GBA Regional Lead for Africa.  He was selected because of his leadership and community building skills along with his commitment to improve the lives of his fellow citizens in Africa by working with government and using technology like blockchain for the common good of communities.

In that capacity, GBA will work closely with him to establish, promote and support GBA Chapters throughout Africa.  The goal is to support the education, advancement and sustainment of people across Africa by taking advantage of blockchain and related technologies.

In his first week in this position, Mr. Gaetan arranged for GBA leadership to:

  • Present two keynote and four panel presentation addresses during a historic blockchain events
  • Meet with the leadership of technical training centers in eleven countries
  • Meet and discuss blockchain economic impact with a tribal chief (king), cabinet staff (reporting to the president) and US Embassy personnel.
  • Speak at a meeting with over 300 crypto enthusiasts and
  • Dine in a crypto only restaurant that does not accept fiat currency

With the passion and motivation of the African people and the leadership of Mr. Gaetan, there are many exciting achievements that will emerge out of Africa very soon!

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  1. Thru our Chapter in Spain and the International Chamber of Commerce we are supporting an initiative over agriculture in Uganda, Kenia, Ethiopia and Rwanda, I have also jointly approach with the National Consortium Alastria which is a permissioned blockchain ecosystem in Europe. Our efforts on a think tank is about traceability and the properties and atributes of Blockchain for agriculture in that arena. I have been giving GBA presence on this think tank but also it is a recognized initiative by the ICC. I would like to promote a fraternity with the activities of Africa since Agriculture is one of the solutions for some of the Sustainable Goals of UN. Please count on such initiative to spread our efforts at GBA´s Newsletter.

  2. Ismael and Armand,
    I want to put you in touch with our friends at the UN and the EU. Let’s all work together to make amazing things happen with this technology for the lives of people around the world.