The GBA Token – Overview

The GBA Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group led by Nabeel Malik is launching a GBA token that will be used to reward GBA members for contributing to the blockchain community.  GBA members will be issued tokens for creating valuable content, innovations or supporting the technology and organization.  People will receive tokens for participating with, and leading working groups and GBA chapters.

Later, people and organizations that want to participate in GBA sponsored business opportunities and public-private partnerships will need to pay an entrance fee using the GBA token.  Their only option will be to acquire a token from someone who already has it via GBA member exchanges.

We are hoping that this token ecosystem will provide incentives for people to make contributions to the community and foster the types of connection, communication and collaboration that is the hallmark of the GBA Community of innovative leadership.

This project is open to all GBA Members who join the Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group.

For more information contact Nabeel Malik.  The details of the GBA token distribution, use and tokenomics are currently being determined by open, consensus methods that are open to the entire GBA community.  We will be making decision and voting on the details during the GBA Leadership Forum on October 18th in Denver, CO.

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