August GBA Technology Update

In August the GBA Technology Team has established several internal improvements.  We launched a test environments hosted by Bryant Nielson (@bryant-nielsontheblockchainacademy-com) od the The Blockchain Academy  We have also established a more formal change control process.  Anyone with a website bug report or feature request is asked to record it on a contact form at the bottom of every website page.  That generates a ticket that is reviewed weekly by the team.  Approved requests are implemented and tested and once approved, posted to production.  We sincerely hope that these changes will result in a more stable, functional and responsive website.

In August we have implemented three significant changes.  They are:

  1. ¬†Users cannot change their usernames.¬† Anyone that uses an email address for their username should change it.¬† The “@” in the user name prevents the profile from showing up in the directory and causes several other problems.¬†
  2. Several internal changes were made on the back end to make the site faster and more responsive.
  3. The GBA Organizational Directory has been significantly improved.  Please check it out.

We are currently testing a document management system that enables features like multi-party editing and collaboration and version history that will be integrated into working groups.  This feature will provide an enhanced environment for working groups to connect, communicate and collaborate.

Again, if you have any bug reports or feature requests, please submit a contact form a the bottom of every web page.


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