Global Money Supply (GMS) Looking For Investors

GMS is a small business headquartered in Northern Virginia. Its core competency is blockchain research and development, Cryptocurrency & mining. The principles is Nabeel Malik.Ā  Mr. Malik is the leader of the Government Blockchain Associationā€™s Mining Working Group. He has extensive experience mining a portfolio of Cryptocurrencies. He has experience with small(in home) mining operations as well as commercial data center mining operations. He is also the president of Cryptolitics, an interactive platform providing up to date & latest intel on digital currency. His experience with Cryptocurrency and mining uniquely qualify him for his role in GMS.Ā  Nabeel Malik has a Proof of Concept where he helped design Mining Rent from the ground up with Raj Sharma.Ā  Mining Rent is a collocation mining data center which runs more then 1200 machines fully occupied and running at zero cooling cost because of the innovative natural ventilation system.Ā  GMS has access to an off-grid power supply that gives us sustainable cost/kwh advantage.Ā  Adding to our discounted cost of machines (based on current market dynamics) and proven experience.


  • Global Money Supply will build and operate the datacenter full time at the source
  • Global Money Supply will commit to run 800 to 1200 machines at the datacenter to quickly achieve a significant portion of the 3MW goal
  • Global Money Supply will get preferential rate on energy for the purchased miners for collocating these machines — approximately 50% discount below customers who host their machines at the location. This will put Global Money Supply in the same power bracket as world leaders like Bitmain and Genesys.

Feel free to contact directly for more information to be part of this opportunity.

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