Government Blockchain Assocation Developing Healthcare Standards

The GBA Healthcare Working Group is establishing a Blockchain Healthcare Specialist Certification Standard to be used by GBA member organizations to deliver and certify completion of the curriculum.Ā  The certification standard is intended for healthcare professionals that seek to provide consulting or leadership to organizations interested in developing blockchain solutions to healthcare problems.

These standardsĀ address someĀ of theĀ challenges in healthcare. They are:

  • Rising Costs
  • Regulatory Challenges
  • Medicinal & Technological Challenges
  • Training & Educational Challenges
  • Ethical Challenges

Blockchain Areas for Consideration

  • Blockchain healthcare considerations
  • Megatrends & intro to blockchain technologies
  • Blockchain in healthcare ā€“ The big picture
  • Blockchain in clinical trials management
  • Blockchain in data management/access/control
  • Blockchain in drugs supply chain & anti-counterfeiting
  • Blockchain in insurances
  • Blockchain in improvingĀ administrative processes
  • New business models & the role of tokenization
  • From acute care to prevention
  • Tech implementation & challenges
  • Business challenges
  • Cultural challenges

Special thanks to these GBA members for their inputs and contributions towards developing and maturing this course and the series of courses that may follow.

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