Government Funding Available for Blockchain Startups

blockchain business startup

A major government entity now has long-term, (5 years), funding available. This funding will be for local and international blockchain startups.  We have posted the information in the GBA Community of Interest for Investors & Startups Forum Page.  To access the details, log onto the GBA website and then go to

You can also follow the following thread: —>GBA Association (Main Menu)
– Communities of Interest
– – Investors & Startups (View Group)
– – – Forum

If you know anyone who is looking for government funding for blockchain innovation, please encourage them to join the Investors and Startups Community of Interest.  As we continue to learn about more opportunities for investors and startups, we will keep this Community of Interest informed. If you have any difficulty accessing this information just fill out a contact request form at the bottom of the GBA website.

Hope this information is helpful,

Gerard Dache
Global President
Government Blockchain Association

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