SupPorter – A faster, cheaper and more transparent way to donate using Blockchain

People love to donate, but unfortunately trust is at an all time low. This billion dollar industry is plagued with scandal and rampant irresponsible spending.


Case Study 1: Cancer Fund of America

In 2012, the Cancer Fund of America raised $187 Million. Of this, only 3% went to fighting cancer, and the other 97% was spent on items such as Cars, Vacations, Dating Site Dues, Tuition, Gym Memberships, etc…

Case Study 2: American Red Cross

In 2010, The American Red Cross raised and spent $500 Million for Haiti Earthquake Relief Efforts. The result: 6 tiny shack houses were built. The rest is unaccounted for even to this day.


Incidents like these hurt the entire giving ecosystem. The needy are deprived of funds, organizations lack the resources to make a significant impact, legitimate organizations are given a bad name and donors stop giving.

This is why the world needs companies like SupPorter. SupPorter is a revolutionary Blockchain Enabled ‚ÄúSmart‚ÄĚ Donation Processing and Rewards System founded by four brothers who grew up in the fundraising space. SupPorter‚Äôs goal is to shed some light on an otherwise dark and inefficient fundraising space.¬† Whether its increased transparency, lower fees, simplified financial reporting, or the ability to accept both digital and fiat currency; processing donations on the blockchain is simply a better way for Nonprofits and Political Campaigns to receive and report online donations.

The donation market processed over $700 Billion Dollars in 2017 (Source: Giving USA), and SupPorter is uniquely positioned to disrupt this market with its cutting-edge blockchain solutions model.  If you are interested in becoming an investor or would like to hear more, please visit our website at, our Government Blockchain Association listing at or email

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