Israel’s transformation from the “Startup Nation” to the “Blockchain Nation”

The 2009 Book, ā€œStartup Nation; The Story of Israelā€™s Economic Miracle,ā€ by Dan Senor and Saul Singer, tracked how a country with 7.1 million people at that time and which is constantly in a State of War, produces more startups than countries such as India, China, the UK among others. At that time, over 63 Israeli companies were listed on the Nasdaq. Only 10 years later, that number has grown by a third, and currently 95 companies are listed on the Nasdaq, with many more looking to make the transition from the TASE to the NASDAQ.

There is no doubt that Israeli Blockchain Startups will soon be spoken in the same breath as Dubai 2020 in terms of leading voices throughout the Middle East. Accordingly, the Israeli Blockchain Association, has mapped out the leading 250 Blockhain Startups in Israel. This list serves as a roadmap towards the future development of Blockchain Technology on governmental, public and private platforms. As the Startup Nation grows both in numbers and in years, I have no doubt that it will help ā€œstartupā€ and ignite future integration of Blockchan Technology into our day to day lives.

Below you will find the map of Startups as put out by the Israeli Blockchain Association and over the weeks to come, I will be publishing each Middle Eastern Countries Blockchain Roadmap (Follow link below to see the map) and in this manner, we will be able to draw conclusions as to the Blockchain path of the Middle East.




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