GBA Token Entering Development Phase

Whitepaper Complete

On January 23, 2019, the Government Blockchain Association (GBA) Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group conducted the final rounds of review for the GBA Token Whitepaper.  The whitepaper was drafted by the group, reviewed internally by other GBA groups including our legal, legislative and policy working group along with our financial compliance working group.  It was also reviewed by chapter leaders, other working group leaders, GBA professional members and then it was published for public comment.  Final comments are being incorporated into the document for submission to the development team.  Special thanks to the following individuals for their contributions to the GBA Token Whitepaper: Brandon Elliott, Denis Oneal, Gerard Dache, Habeeb Syed, Joel Neidig, Juan Pablo Mejia, Krishna Sairi, Nabeel Malik & Roshaan Khan

Development Phase Begins

Now the token project is entering the development phase. GBA member company, Blockchain Ecosystem Advisors is leading the development team. GBA member company, Simba Chain is providing the development platform.  They provide this platform free for all GBA members.  We are now assembling the development team.

There are several things about this project that make it unique. They are:

  • The transparent nature of the project
  • The decentralized management structures
  • No member of the core management team has a disproportionate advantage over anyone else, and
  • Everyone on this project is a volunteer. However, we are looking to augment existing resources with an integrated team comprised of GBA members with the following skills:
  • GUI designer
  • Multimedia / video producer
  • Requirements analyst
  • Developers
  • Testers
  • WordPress consultant
  • It is not being used to raise money. However, we are looking for project sponsors to help defray some of the development costs and compensate team members who have contributed a¬†significant number of hours for this project.

Any GBA member interested in participating in this project should join the Mining & Cryptocurrency Working Group and become part of an experiment that could be written in the history books as a turning point in the evolution of DAOs and Self-Governing Organizations.  Come and take your place in history.

To volunteer on this project, please complete the form below.

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