How to Use Ethereum and Solidity Programming to Develop Smart Contracts

It seems that Blockchain Revolution is in full swing right now. In the recent nine or ten years, you may hear about Bitcoin or Crypto Currency. Bitcoin and Crypto currency is none other than an Application of Blockchain technology. Bitcoin has gained so much attention in the recent years and becomes a public discussion topic in Governments and Media .One Question may arise in your mind that, Why Bitcoin has gain so much importance or hype in very short span of time and what is Blockchain technology is all about? The most common definition of Blockchain you may have found on internet out of hundreds of definitions is ‚ÄúBlockchain is Distributed public ledger‚ÄĚ But it can be more simple than that , Blockchain comprised of two words , ‚ÄúBlock‚ÄĚ and ‚ÄúChain‚ÄĚ .By Block we means digital information and Chain means public Database storage ,so Blockchain means¬† ‚ÄúDigital information stored in public database ‚ÄĚ .

Blocks in Blockchain consists of three important parts,

  • Every Block has its unique identity code (generated through hash functions) which distinguishes each block from other.
  • Blocks also stores information about who is participating in transaction and who modifies the digital information.
  • Blocks stores all information regarding transaction say time of transaction, date and amount to be transacted.


Where Blockchain Uses?

Blockchain used widely for developing decentralized Applications, Decentralized Applications are made for a reason of Privacy and Security. Decentralized Applications does not depend on any third party or other application. For this we can take the example of famous Bitcoin, Bitcoin discovery has the vision to eliminate the banks from public transactions so that one Person can transact with other person directly without any middle party, which opens and strengthen the concept of Blockchain technology.



How Blockchain Works?

As from name Blockchain means Digital information is stored in Blocks and all the blocks are combined together like a Chain Therefore , if any type of data wants to be added in Blockchain , Data must be added in all existing blocks of that blockchain and all the blocks  update  continuously when new data or information  is added to Blockchain .

There are many BlockChain you could consider for the starting your Development career in Blockchain and the most common and widely used Blockchain is Ethereum Blockchain.

Ethereum Blockchain has gain so much importance compared to other blockchain in development aspect. Many Newbies starts there Block chain Development Career through Ethereum Platform because it provides the easy and complete  framework  for developing  Decentralized applications using Block chain technology .For start developing Applications on Ethereum platform, developer must be familiarize two important aspects of Ethereum Framework  which obviously are Language used to develop Decentralized Applications  and the Platform used for developing Applications.

Programming Language used: Solidity language is used as a built-in language for Ethereum Block chain.

Ethereum Virtual Machine (EVM) :  EVM is made to serve as a platform or runtime environment for programming languages or Smart contracts wrote on Ethereum blockchain.Smart contracts have gain so much importance in previous two years and many Professionals and people predicts that  Smart contracts can revolutionize finance and different industry standards. Solidity Programming language is made for writing Ethereum smart contracts.

Below is the most basic tutorial on how to start, compile and deploy Ethereum Smart contracts for all the enthusiasts’ people who want to start Ethereum Development.

Solidity is a high level (or Object-Oriented) language like C++ and JavaScript and this language specially made for writing Ethereum Smart contracts and for starting Solidity development, three components for building and deploying the project

  • Good and Easy to handle Solidity Editor
  • Compiler to run that Solidity Smart Contract
  • Client Server for deploying like MetaMask or AlethZero.


Solidity Editor

You can use any editor for Solidity development in which you are comfortable but I will recommend Sublime editor because of its easy to analyze the similar words functionalities and easy to handle code. But you can use other editors for this task as well For example Notepad++, Visual Studio Code etc..

You can download sublime Text editor from

Remix Compiler

For compiling the solidity code you don’t need to download anything , you can start it with your browser and after writing Smart contract code , you have to use online compiler for checking the code usability and error handling before deploying the Smart contract.

Visit for analyzing your Solidity code.

MetaMask Web Client for deploying Smart Contract

After writing smart contract and analyze its Usability status on then you can deploy it through MetaMask Client. MetaMask is Google chrome extension, you can get that extension through google browser web store.

After adding it to your browser you can use it for deploying smart contracts.


And after deploying Smart contract on MetaMask you can verify it through through you MetaMask Ethereum address and Smart contract code you get from remix after deployment successful.


This was the overview on Ethereum development platform for writing Smart Contracts . Those people who have some Programming insight can start their work in Ethereum development and for those who are new to this programming field and also for those who want to explore Solidity concepts must visit the Solidity Documentation( ) which is very self-explanatory  for everyone who wants to code Ethereum Smart Contracts.


 Ethereum and Solidity coding are well suited for those interested in pursuing a career in blockchain; however, other options are mobile App design and development, system admin, web design and development and software engineering. It is advisable to consult with an IT career counselor to understand what career options best fits your skills. For instance, if you want to be a software engineer, learning HTML and CSS might not fit the bill. Here is an excellent article for learning more on coding and technology career roadmap. Once you know what career path you wish to pursue, you can make a plan on what, when, and how to learn. There are lots of online resources for learning Ethereum, Hyperledger, Solidity, and blockchain in general. For teenagers and high school students, High School Technology Services offers variety of hands-on training. For adults and professionals, Coding Bootcamps and DC Web Makers Companies offer basic to advance project-based blockchain classes.




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