New Blockchain Specialist Courses (Legal, Financial & Healthcare)

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to see the new GBA Specialist Courses rolling out this year.

The GBA Specialist Courses include:

  • Legal – Our course for policymakers, legislators, and lawyers satisfies all the requirements for the GBA Specialist Certification.¬† The course focuses on legal and legislative policies, issues and use cases.
  • Healthcare ‚Äď The Blockchain healthcare course covers the general topics of blockchain as well as a deep dive into how it applies to the healthcare industry. It covers medical research, treatments, public health, insurance, administrative transactions and many more.
  • Financial ‚Äď The GBA Financial course includes the general information about blockchain plus the type of information important to central banks, retail banks, financial institutions, and financial regulatory authorities. It includes information about the global financial systems and the impact that both blockchain and cryptocurrency are having on systems, processes and financial results.

The GBA is an international affiliation of public and private sector professionals that connect, communicate and collaborate to find blockchain solutions for government. We have over 90 chapters and more than 50 working groups. To find out more about the GBA contact Gerard Dache, Executive Director, GBA.


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