Free Blockchain Demos for Government

Come and see cutting edge blockchain technology demonstrations at the Future of Money, Governance & the Law in Arlington, Virginia on September 14-15. Demonstrations will also be live-streamed globally.Ā  Blockchain solution providers from around the world will show government employees how their technologies work and will be available to answer questions and discuss how government agencies can get access to these cutting edge solutions.

See demonstrations from Deloitte, CGI, Blockchain Intelligence Group, My EarthID, Intelli Network, and the Ardor Blockchain Platform. See how the world’s leaders in blockchain technology design, develop, deliver and support blockchain solutions. Meet the people, see the technology, ask the questions and walk away empowered to implement your blockchain project.



Deloitte is a global leader in blockchain innovation. Read over 100 Deloitte Blockchain Articles on their website. And, come and see their innovative suite of solutions.Ā They will be demonstrating Deloitteā€™s Blockchain in the Box. The Blockchain in a Box (BIAB) is a mobile demo platform designed to allow for real-time visualization of prototyped solutions, providing clients and account teams a more intuitive and tangible blockchain experience.

While the BIAB can demonstrate any number of solutions, it currently features modules from our cybersecurity suite, addressing data health integrity and distributed data storage. The BIAB facilitates mitigation of risk for data integrity and storage concerns, thus improving cybersecurity-posture across industries. These modules and future modules all are grounded in basic cybersecurity principles such as data health, storage, key management, identity, etc.

The BIAB abstracts blockchain away from the demonstration and lets the client focus on the actual solution. The best blockchain solution is one where there is no realization blockchain plays any role at all. In that spirit, the Blockchain in the Box would be more appropriately named The Deloitte Solutions in a Box.

CGI is a global government contractor with over 40 years of continuous profitable growth in numerous industries including Banking, Communications,Ā  Health, Insurance, Life Sciences, Manufacturing, Oil/Gas, Retail/Consumer Services, Transportation, Logistics and Utilities.

CGI has developed an End-To-End Global Trade Solution called CGI Trade360. It delivers all of the software, infrastructure and support resources necessary to power a bankā€™s global trade business. Delivered as ‘software as a service’, (SaaS), CGI Trade360 enables banks to provide the full range of traditional trade, payables, receivables, and cash management services to their customersā€”anywhere, anytimeā€”on a single, integrated and global platform.

The Blockchain Intelligence Group (BIG) has a team of former Homeland Security Investigations Special Agents and technical experts from around the world. They have developed and deployed solutions for:

  • Law Enforcement
  • Financial Sector
  • Regulators

BIG specializes in the forensic investigation and risk mitigation you need to catch criminals and be compliant with national and international laws. BIG clients rely on their tools and their teamā€™s seasoned investigators to make sure their wallet/transaction risk scores and forensic investigation insights give them the information they need.

MyEarth ID is a decentralized identity management platform, which provides a safe and secure identity to all human beings, through the power of blockchain and cryptography. User will always be in control of who can access the identity data. Organizations across the world will be able to use Earth ID for verification purposes. Reliability of the user identity will be measured by the Trust Score.

MyEarth ID is a Hashgraph based Universal ID providing a global identity solution. The user has controlled access to Identity documents which reduces unauthorized access. MyEarth IDs decentralized storage of data on personal mobile devices minimizes the impact of hacking. The validation of identities for both online and offline services are cost-effective and hassle-free.


Intelli Network is a decentralized application for the future of peer to peer intelligence sharing built on the IOTA Network. It accelerates the gathering and sharing of public safety intelligence by offering tools and services that save both time and resources in a censorship-resistant way.

First prize winner at the San Diego Smart City Competition, Inelli Network offers solutions for:

  • Neighborhoods, Schools, and Universities
  • Stadiums & Public Events
  • Stores, Malls, Plazas & Business Properties
  • International Travel Destinations & Resorts
  • National Borders and Government Assets

Ardor is an advanced blockchain platform ready to use, build and host the most inspired decentralized applications. Ardor uses the first and the most secure Proof of Stake (PoS) algorithm. It was first implemented in NXT and updated over time to become the only pure PoS in the blockchain space. Ardor is multi-chain. A Parent-Child Chain architecture where dApps can have a unique child chain inside a global blockchain ecosystem secured by the parent chain, Ardor.

Ardor has redefined the concept of smart contracts by introducing lightweight contracts. These are stateless, secure and extremely flexible smart contracts written in Java. Ardor is also salable. The previous features and others in development like data pruning, subnet networks and zero-knowledge proofs all contribute to Ardor blockchain scalability.

Come and hear from Global Leaders in the Government Blockchain space and see Cutting Edge Technology Demonstrations

The Future of Money, Governance & the Law is free for all civil servants and at a reduced price for GBA members. The event is open to the public and part of the GBA’s Global Event Series.

Come and join us to be part of the Government Blockchain Transformational Movement.

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