International Land Measurement Standard Coalition – ILMSC

Membership in ILMSC

Ā I am pleased to report that I have been accepted as a full member to the ILMSCĀ

ILMS is a non-governmental, not-for- profit coalition of land professionals from over 30 not-for-profit member organizations. It provides a due diligence framework and standard for land and real property surveying that supports a sustainable future both for people and legal entities. It enables evidence-based assessment of land and property and is designed to address the current lack of transparency in land rights and land interests.

ILMS provides a due diligence structure for the collection and collation of land and real property surveying information whether the land is community or tribal owned or held and used informally. This data is critical to improve land administration policy formation and subsequent implementation. Certainly, blockchain technologies will provide the structure to transparently and immutably aggregate the data,Ā  making it available for analysis and decision…ultimately enhancing economic development of a region or country.

Ā I look forward to participating and contributing to promoting and encouraging world markets to accept and adopt it as the primary standard for consistent due diligence reporting about land and real property surveying globally.


  • John Dean Markunas, GBA, Land Titling Working Group Leader


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