GBA 2020 Roadmap

In 2020 here are some of the major GBA strategic initiatives that we are currently working on. We plan to have these ideas detailed, reviewed and incorporated into our 2020 Strategic Plan. Please feel free to like and comment below and let us know your thoughts.

  1. GBA 100k Developer Program – The Education & Training Working Group is developing a program to work with the leaders of GBA Active Chapters around the world to use the chapters as training & innovation centers. The idea includes finding local companies to sponsor developer training and work with GBA Developer Training ProvidersĀ to deliver the training and to work with GBA Working Groups to organize Innovation Challenges sponsored by GBA Government members.
  2. Future of Money, Governance & the Law Series – We are preparing the GBA’s Annual Report on the Future of Money, Governance & the Law. The report will include expert analysis from across GBA collected from events and meetings by GBA members. The annual report will also include a directory link to GBA Member Provided Applications & Products as well as a link to GBA Member Organizations. We are also planning to conduct more interviews on the GBA Podcast series, the Future of Money, Governance & the Law along with hosting many more events across the world in 2020. We are still looking for a media connection to produce a documentary or video series for the GBA.
  3. GBA Token -1 billion GBA Tokens will be created. Each month some of them will be released for distribution. The Tokens will be distributed to GBA members that have posted content on the GBA website that is liked by fellow GBA members. The GBA will not sell the Tokens. However, the GBA will accept sovereign currency or GBA Tokens for membership, training, events, and other product and services. When anyone (member or not) wants to purchase a membership, training, event tickets or anything else, they can acquire the Tokens from a GBA member that has been awarded Tokens at any price determined by the Token holder. GBA will always redeem the Tokens at the rate of 1 USD = 1 GBA Token. However, if a GBA member wants to sell their tokens at a discounted price, they may do that.
  4. GBA Voting Initiatives – The Voting Working Group is launching several strategic projects to help GBA members design, develop and implement blockchain voting solutions.

These are some of the ideas in the mix for 2020. Stay tuned as we refine our plan and publish the GBA 2020 roadmap by the end of 2019. We would love to get your feedback and comments. Please comment on and like the responses below.

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