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The GBA’s Voting Working Group is on a Mission to Create Mobile App Voting Standards

To start, demand is growing to have the ability to vote remotely.

With recent such as COVID-19, there is growing interest in being able to vote for elected officials remotely using a portable such as a cell phone.¬† ¬†In addition, there is also impatience with having to stand in long lines to cast a vote.¬† So many other activities such as banking and driver’s license registrations are now done remotely.


Secondly, the GBA Voting Working Group plans to create global standards for voting using your cell phone or other portable device.

The Voting Working Group is actively drafting standards for review by GBA Members.  These standards will help to spell out how remote voting can be a reality and help to ensure the integrity of election results.

Third, these standards can potentially help with improving key business processes for elections workers and officials.

Having sound standards for remote app based voting can help to streamline and improve the business of elections.

And fourth, the GBA Voting Working Group wants to invite you to provide your input and opinions 

We will be editing and improving these standards as we receive your contributions.  Many of you have insights that can help to make a difference in the elections world.

For those interested in engaging with the Voting Working Group to help with these standards please contact any one of these members of the group –

Lastly, we are looking to present these standards during GBA’s March 2021 Government Blockchain Week being held in Washington D.C.¬† These standards will presented specifically on March 22, 2021 where GBA will discuss Blockchain Use for State and Local Governance.¬† ¬†This event will be here before you know it.¬† We look forward to seeing you there!


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