Healthcare Working Group News

Preview of the GBA Healthcare Working Group’s (HWG) roadmap and goals for 2020.

The GBA Healthcare Working Group (HWG) and its members are committed to promoting knowledge of DLT/blockchain technology, connecting blockchain innovators and thought leaders to professionals in the healthcare sector and providing guidance in the development, adoption, research and expansion of blockchain technology as it impacts healthcare.

In our current stage of development as a group, we have identified several initiatives that are key to our continued success. Our focus will encompass the following efforts:

Research/identify fundamental issues in the healthcare industry that could leverage Blockchain technology

We recognize that healthcare challenges are both global and local. While the international supply chain of pharmaceuticals and medical devices cross national borders, city, state and national rules create local challenges. Consequently, the GBA Healthcare Working Group is planning a multi-tiered approach to supporting the design, development, and implementation of healthcare solutions.

  • Global Challenges ā€“ There are many topics that governments around the world face. Patient identity, medical credentialing, and many others. To address these challenges, the HCWG is identifying specific global healthcare challenges. We are using a variety of sources to identify challenges. The sources include:
  • Local Challenges ā€“ We also recognize that every local municipality, states, and nations have their own set of rules, contexts, and constraints. Consequently, we are planning to work with localĀ GBA Active Chapters to provide the local perspective and access to government leaders.

GBA Member Healthcare Solution Deployment Support

The GBA is launching a series of initiatives that are intended to support the existing goals and objectives of governments around the world. The initiatives are intended to be specific and targeted in order to achieve clearly defined goals in a reasonable time period. This will be done to facilitate the deployment of actual blockchain solutions to demonstrate the technology.

The HCWG will inventory, prioritize, and select projects based on their impact and feasibility of implementation within one-year. The GBA Candidate List of Healthcare Working Group Projects is maintained by the Healthcare Working Group.

Each project leader will develop an incentive structure/compensation plan to reward GBA members for their support to introduce healthcare solutions to new customers. The Project lead will work with other members of the HC Working Group and the leaders of GBA Active Chapters. to support the deployment of blockchain-based healthcare solutions.

Government-Sponsored Innovation ChallengesĀ 

The HCWG will participate in the GBA 100k Developer Challenge. This program is intended to train developers and encourage them to develop solutions for specific government requirements. The HCWG will define challenges and work with theĀ GBA Leadership Team to seek grants and other sources of funding to support the innovation challenges. The program will include training developers and then challenging them to build healthcare solutions. Innovation Challenges will be listed and described on theĀ GBA Candidate List of Healthcare Working Group Projects.

Promote & Support GBA Healthcare Working Group Members

The HCWG will continue to encourage members to post their ideas, achievements, events, products, and services on the GBA site. The Healthcare Working Group will coordinate with the GBA Communications Manager to promote GBA members on social media, podcasts, and other outbound communications. The following resources will be used to promote GBA members:


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